How to write an application.

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How to write an application.

Post  Waylon on Wed Nov 19, 2008 3:12 pm

Before you even consider applying, look through this list. You need to fulfill every single one of them, else dont bother applying

1. The game is a big part of my daily life, i love it and i seek new challenges in it all the time so im online basicly whenever i get the chance to.
2. **Having atleast 80% raidattendence or more and still farming the needed consumables(potions, flasks, foodbuffs) is no problem for me**
3. I have full knowledge of my class, and belive i can contribute in a endgameraiding very well.
4. My gear is mostly from raidinginstances in TBC, and have the best pve-enchants and gems in them to maximize my preformance in raids.
5. I have a raw PVE-specc, and if the guild asks for it i dont complain if i need to respecc for an encounter.
6. I have no problem with following and understanding orders and doing what the officers and raidleaders are telling me to do.
7. I think that taking down new bosses is what is fun about the game, and feel that the epics is only a nice bonus.
8. I have socialskills and like talking to people on ventrilo or ingame to get to know them better.

Ok so copy and past the following text below.
Make a topic as followed: Nick - Class

* Nick:
* Class and Race:
* Level:
* /played Write how much time spend in total
* A link to your gear and talents: A profile linked through either armory ctprofiles or something else, pref armory.
* Professions: Can you craft something special?
* Bosses you(your guild) killed in preTBC: With what class and what guild?
* Bosses you(your guild) killed in TBC:
* Bosses you(your guild) killed in WoTLK:
* Person(s) in guild vouching for you, leave empty if none:
* Where and how did you hear about us?

Personal information:
* Age:
* Sex:
* Nationality:
* Playing times: atleast 80% raidattendence or more and still farming the needed consumables sun-thur 19:00-22:30 and still show up fully prepared for every raid?
* Previous guilds: Why did you leave them?
* Other: Is there anything else you want to add, do it here.

Deeper analysis about you and your char:
So here is your chance to really prove you know your char, write atleast a few sentences about each topic.

* Talents: Explain why you have the specc you have, why it suits you the best and other things concerning the topic.
* Gear: Write a few lines about your gear, what is it you feel you lack the most right now. Why havent you been able to obtain it faster? What gear are you aiming for?
* Guild: Why do you want to join us? What is it that you think we have that your current guild lacks except more epics?
* WoW goals: For how long are you planning on playing this game? What is it you want to achive? Are you willing to leave behind your other friends in wow for pve-progress?


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