[Try]Holy Pala 80 -Hollow

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[Try]Holy Pala 80 -Hollow

Post  aswad on Thu Jan 08, 2009 1:24 pm

* Nick:Hollow
* Class and Race: Blood Elf Paladin
* Level:80
* /played Write how much time spend in total 3 years in total =P but not on pala
* A link to your gear and talents:http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Magtheridon&n=Hollow
* Professions: Skinning / Enchanting(low)
* Bosses you(your guild) killed in preTBC: killed all bosses pre tbc except KT
* Bosses you(your guild) killed in TBC: done BT/MH/TK/ssc never did sunwell though
* Person(s) in guild vouching for you, leave empty if none: None i know atm =(
* Where and how did you hear about us? saw guild information on trade channel =P

Personal information:
* Age:18
* Sex:M
* Nationality:Bahraini
* Playing times: Can play almost every raid and i have the time for them
* Previous guilds: Why did you leave them? None on my pala,was just in a social friend guild.

Deeper analysis about you and your char:
Nothing i dont know about pala's played over 1 year with my pala and know the new wrath content.

* Talents: Holy/Retri full holy and a bit in retri for the crit =)
* Gear: Well im trying my best to improve my gear since i just dinged 80 5 days ago
* Guild: I want to join twisted faith because its a new opportunity for me to join a good raiding guild.
* WoW goals: Nothing much just wana gear up and do new instances that will come up.


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Re: [Try]Holy Pala 80 -Hollow

Post  Waylon on Thu Jan 08, 2009 1:49 pm

Talked to him ingame.

Accepted on try.


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