[Try]Swiftstriker - Assasination Rogue

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[Try]Swiftstriker - Assasination Rogue

Post  Swiftstriker on Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:09 am

* Nick: Swiftstriker
* Class and Race: Rogue, Undead
* Level: 80
* /played Write how much time spend in total: 21 days on this character, 118 in total (94 on my warlock - prewotlk main)
* A link to your gear and talents: A profile linked through either armory ctprofiles or something else, pref armory. http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Magtheridon&n=Swiftstriker
* Professions: Can you craft something special? 450 skinning, 320 mining, no i cannot craft anything Razz
* Bosses you(your guild) killed in preTBC: With what class and what guild? --i only started playing in tbc--
* Bosses you(your guild) killed in TBC: cleared everything up to Sunwell (there only trash till 1stboss) before the nerf, on my warlock on the executus realm.
* Bosses you(your guild) killed in WoTLK: voa10,25; os10,25; parts of naxx10 and 25.
* Person(s) in guild vouching for you, leave empty if none:
* Where and how did you hear about us? On the trade chat.

Personal information:
* Age: 17
* Sex: male
* Nationality: Romanian
* Playing times: Can you attend almost every raid sun-thur 19:00-23:00 and still show up fully prepared for every raid? Yes.
* Previous guilds: Why did you leave them? I left most of my former guilds on Magtheridon because they disbanded or did not have enough healers for raiding. Vuohiilito gave me a trial (right after i hit 80, quite some time ago) and told me they'd gear me up, and that brains and xp matter, and then kicked me because my gear was not good enough lol. I did not like Dynamic because of a specific situation: the guildmaster did not show up at raidtime once, but logged 3 hours after that and almost cleared the whole content the guild was able to do with the people he found online then, leaving the ones that prepared for that night's raid with the "don't pug anything or you'll get kicked" sign. My current guild doesn't seem to want me in their raids (i never get invited Sad ), and their raiding is limited to naxxramas 10man.
* Other: Is there anything else you want to add, do it here. I am a serious player who enjoys a friendly atmosphere. I always do my best to show up at the raids, and I’m always prepared with flasks, food etc. I’m always willing to learn new tactics and strategies for the bosses the guild is raiding.

Deeper analysis about you and your char:
So here is your chance to really prove you know your char, write atleast a few sentences about each topic.

* Talents: Explain why you have the specc you have, why it suits you the best and other things concerning the topic.
I chose this talent spec because it seems to give the best dps, from what i've heard and tried myself. You always have to be alert and on time with refreshing your abilities while playing as assasination. The crits are powerful as well as the dots, and the silce and dice is automatically refreshed by the envenom.
* Gear: Write a few lines about your gear, what is it you feel you lack the most right now. Why havent you been able to obtain it faster? What gear are you aiming for?
I have attained most of my gear from voa, os and by handing in badges, as I have not had the opportunity to fully explore naxxramas or raid it constantly. The weak parts are obviously the blue items, which i have not yet been able to replace due to my limited raiding.
* Guild: Why do you want to join us? What is it that you think we have that your current guild lacks except more epics?
I chose Twisted Faith in order to raid with a professional guild, and to explore new content alongside the other members. I wish to leave my guild because of the reasons stated in the "previous guilds" section.
* WoW goals: For how long are you planning on playing this game? What is it you want to achive? Are you willing to leave behind your other friends in wow for pve-progress?
I have been playing this game for 2 years now. I play this game because I enjoy it; I enjoy meeting new people, discussing and practicing different tactics to suit different situations. Yes, I am willing to leave behind others for pve-progress, as that is what we are all joining pve guilds for.


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Re: [Try]Swiftstriker - Assasination Rogue

Post  Forzze on Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:51 am

nice written application...
iam not going to tell u that u dont have enough stats for raidng (expertise,hit etc) since u dont have a proper gear atm but u need to gear up in heroics and put proper gems i mean for example: u dont need AP gems when u are not even poison hit capped. Its not difficult at all to get good starter gear and be ready for raiding xD I hope u understand that our guild is not for ppl who want to change thair blue items for T7.25 so i can give u a trial inv for a couple of weeks for u to prove that u want to raid. If this is ok for u then wisp me in the game.


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