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Post  Maizter Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:49 am

* Nick: Maizter
* Class and Race: Mage Blood Elf
* Level: 80
* Played: 30days
* Armory:
* Professions: Tailoring and Herb
* Bosses you(your guild) killed in preTBC: I played a druid.. just raided molten core and ZG
* Bosses you(your guild) killed in TBC: Played my mage..Pugged.. Killed Kara to MH
* Bosses you(your guild) killed in WoTLK: Everything except EoE, but tried some times, so i know the tacs
* Person(s) in guild vouching for you, leave empty if none: Skumpi
* Where and how did you hear about us? Skumpi told me that you were a nice guild etc Smile So he made my mind

Personal information:
* Age: 16
* Sex: Male
* Nationality: Norwegian
* Playing times: atleast 80% raidattendence or more and still farming the needed consumables sun-thur 19:00-22:30 and still show up fully prepared for every raid? Yes, im down with that
* Previous guilds: Uuh, just some few.. Nothing serrious things.. Just local, so it disbanded fast when people started to get other guilds

* Talents: Atm im Frost/Fire specced.. But i can also go Arcane.. i like both so its really the same
* Gear: My gear is O.K after my opinion.. Could done it faster by pugging more etc etc. Want to get better gear to fulfill what you want from me.
* Guild: Want to join you since i've heard alot good about you, and want to raid etc with u..
* WoW goals: Want to achieve more experience in many different ways, slightly said.


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[Declined]Maizter MAGE Empty Re: [Declined]Maizter MAGE

Post  Waylon Mon Feb 23, 2009 10:20 am

This is a sad accplication.

This is not a good impression to make, a half written, no information and you makes me think your lazy and no controll over your class.



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